What is Shops2Apps?

Shops2apps is unique “done for you” service to turn your store or site into ​mobile applications for iOs, Android, Windows, Kindle and Facebook Stores.

How can I test your service?

Shops2Apps provides different options for you to test our service. Firstly, you can request demo application for your website or store for free. Seconly, you can order TESTER plan which is FREE for you to work with android application. And lastly, we provide 14 days free trial on all paid plans.

What information do you need for making apps for me?

We will need some very basic information like – application name, app description, app keywords, etc. We will send list of questions to your email during ordering process

Why do you need my credit card for a free trial?

We do that for preventing multiple free trials for one person. Please note that nothing will be billed for 30 days. You can cancel at any time your trial plan

How quickly can I see demo of my application?

Out team will do our best to provide first web-based demo within 2 days after your request

Can I request modification of application before publishing?

And sure you can do that. We will modify app per your request before publishing

Can I preview application on my device?

Yes, you can do that with our app previewers for Android, iPhone or Amazon Kindle devices

Can I publish applications under my developers accounts in Apple, Google Play

And yes, our team can do that without any problems. Simply send us access to your developers accounts and we will do publishing for you

I don't have developers accounts, can I still get my applications?

Sure, Shops2Apps will publish your applications under our developers accounts without any extra fee

How can I send Push Notifications?

Our team will provide you a special page for your apps, where you will be able to create and schedule push notifications for your applications.

Do you handle new updates in IOS and android?

And yes, Shops2Apps is using latest updates from all platforms that your applications will work smoothly on all devices

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